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    Careers in kinesiology

    Does learning about the science behind human movement interest you? Becoming a kinesiology major may be a great fit. Bonus: There are a lot of career opportunities for kinesiology graduates.

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    Student spotlight: Kennedy VanderLoop

    Kennedy VanderLoop is a physical activity and health promotion student. Learn more about her experiences inside and outside of the classroom, and how they support her dream career as a pediatric occupational therapist.

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    Student spotlight: Marlo Mosley

    Meet Marlo Mosley: A sport management undergraduate student who has a passion for football. Learn more about Mosley's experience in the School of Kinesiology, working with Gopher Football, and her NFL career aspirations.

    5 careers in physical activity and health

    Physical activity and health promotion (PAHP) explores how people can increase physical activity to improve their quality of life. If health, exercise, and working with others interests you, learn more about the careers available in this industry.

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    5 careers in sport management

    Interested in business and sports? The sport management major may be a great fit for you. Learn more about various career paths in sport management, the opportunities are endless!

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    Kinesiology Research Day 2024

    The School's Kinesiology Student Council hosted its annual Kinesiology Research Day event on February 23, 2024. This event celebrates the research being done by the School's graduate and undergraduate students.

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    2024 Graduate Seminars

    The School of Kinesiology Graduate Studies Office proudly presents the following lectures during the spring 2024 semester. All School of Kinesiology faculty and graduate students are invited to attend.