College of Education and Human Development

School of Kinesiology

Graduate Assistants

Willie Burton Willie Burton

Flexible well-rounded instructor with 10 years of professional experience in applying sports management applications with a genuine desire to educate.

Willie Burton

Mackenzie Griffin Mackenzie Griffin

My research interests include the examination of psychological response to reoccurring microtrauma injuries in endurance athletes and their correlation to burnout from sport, the implementation of psychological rest in injury prevention, recovery and…

Mackenzie Griffin

Promise Iheanacho Promise Iheanacho

I am a PhD student here at the University of Minnesota. My specialization is in Sport Management, based on my background and experiences.

Promise Iheanacho

Wanjiang Zhou Wanjiang Zhou

  • Graduate Assistant and Instructor, Teaching Assistant, PhD Student
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Teaching Fall 2022 -2023 Spring Graduate Instructor: KIN 3982 - Research Methods in Kinesiology, Physical Activity, Health Promotion + Sport Fall 2023 Teaching Assistant: KIN 3001 - Lifetime Health and Wellness Graduate Instructor: KIN 5125 -…

Wanjiang Zhou