College of Education and Human Development

School of Kinesiology

Physical activity and health promotion minor

The physical activity and health promotion (PAHP) minor allows students to explore areas within physical activity, personal health, and wellness promotion. This minor provides students with a stronger understanding of how physical activity, recreation, personal wellness, and nutrition. This knowledge supports a student's academic experience and future professional career.

Students will:

  • Use scientific findings to understand the effects of physical activity on communities, individual health, and wellness.
  • Focus on health and physical activity in the context of society.
  • Learn how to create and utilize programs that promote physical activity, wellbeing, and health.
  • Have access to CEHD Career Services to explore related career opportunities.

Minor requirements/course catalog

For the physical activity and health promotion minor program see the official University catalog for course offerings and requirements.

Related major programs

This interdisciplinary physical activity and health promotion minor is a campus-wide program. It's open to all undergraduate students, regardless of college or major. Students in the following majors may find this minor particularly relevant:

  • Dance 
  • Family social science 
  • Food science 
  • Kinesiology 
  • Nursing 
  • Psychology 
  • Sport management 
  • Youth studies 

How to apply

    Become a physical activity and health promotion minor

    To apply, submit the application form.

    Priority application deadlines

    • Fall semester: April 1
    • Spring semester: November 1


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