College of Education and Human Development

School of Kinesiology

Naveen Elangovan

  • Research Scientist in the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory

  • School of Kinesiology
    Cooke Hall
    1900 University Ave SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455-0376

Naveen Elangovan

Areas of interest

Movement neuroscience, neurorehabilitation, proprioception, somatosensation, biomechanics, medical device development




Dr. Elangovan is a research scientist in Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory. His research interests are in the fields of movement neuroscience and neurological rehabilitation. He is interested in developing novel clinical devices for diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions such as stroke and dystonia. His current research focuses on enhancing proprioceptive function and motor performance in healthy and neurological population using robotic technology.


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