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Lisa Kihl

  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

  • Professor, Sport Management, Director, Global Institute for Responsible Sport Organizations (GIRSO), Associate Director, School of Kinesiology

  • Office Hours

    Wednesdays 11:00am-1:30pm

Lisa Kihl

Areas of interest

Sport management ethics, governance, policy: corruption in sport; athlete representation and governance; corporate social responsibility; and sport integrity.


2004 PhD, University of British Columbia, (Canada), Educational Studies

1992 MS Eastern Washington University, Physical Education-College Instruction

1989 BS Lewis-Clark State College, Physical Education

Research interests

Sport management ethics, governance, & policy:

  • Sport social responsibility
  • Sport integrity
  • Corruption in sport
  • Athlete respresentation and sport governance

My research interest in the intersection of sport management ethics, governance and policy has been strongly informed by my past and current experiences in sport. My research interests focus on the central tenets of ethics, policy, and sport governance. I am interested in sport organizations' social responsibility in the broad sense including governance, integrity, and their role in addressing community social issues. My collaborators and I are working on the concept of a sport integrity system and empirically examining national, regional, and local sport integrity systems.  In relation, I am also investigating corruption and sport organizations. In particular, I am interested in corruption's impact on individuals, organizations, and their stakeholders.  Additionally, my collaborators and I are examining community sports organizations vulnerability to fraud.  In the sport governance realm, we are developing a line of research that examines the meaning of athlete representation, elite athlete representation in global sport governance, and how the type of athlete representation generates power in global sport governance. To round out this intersection of related concepts, my colleagues and I are interested in strategic decision making and sport corporate social responsibility and assessing the quality of professional leagues and teams' social responsibility initiatives. 

Current research projects

  • Sport integrity systems
  • Community sport organizations' vulnerability to fraud
  • Athlete representation and power in elite sport governance 
  • Measuring professional leagues and teams' social responsibility.
Graduate Students

Doctoral advisees:


  • Charles Campisi- Globalization and Major League Baseball academies
    Vicki Schull- Female College Athletes’ Perceptions of Leadership in the Context of Intercollegiate Athletics: A Gendered Perspective
  • Guemchan Hwang-Strategic corporate social responsibility and online donation in intercollegiate athletics
  • Jon Steadland- Higher Education Governing Boards and Stakeholder Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Caroline Heffernan-Gender allyship and social change


  • Robert Day-developing organizational ethical culture in intercollegiate athletic departments
  • Michael Jonas- social responsibility and evaluation
  • Alice Kang- sport coruption and governance 
  • Kelly Son-sport corruption and governance

Master's advisees:


  • Ching-Jen Chang - Cause-related marketing and professional sports teams
  • Nicole Gilmore - Psychological commitment and intercollegiate sports fans
  • Jonanthan Schaefer - Organizational effectiveness and youth soccer associations
  • Xi Chen- Conflict Management: A Case Study of Two Chinese Sports Organizations
  • Ben Schwertner-Strategic decision-making in professional sport organizations


  • Matthew Hlina- Social responsibility communication in professional sport
  • Ryan Gasper-Vulnerability  to match fixing within intercollegiate athletics

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Principal investigator (Dr. Catherine Ordway, Canberra University)

Co-investigators (Dr. Lisa A. Kihl & Dr. Adam Masters, Australian National University)

Mapping the components of local sport integrity system(s): ACT pilot., Discipline of Sport & Exercise Science, Faculty of Health, Canberra University, ACT. Australia (2020)

Amount: $3,000

Principal investigator, Addressing the intersections of sport and education: Evaluating the educational outcomes of a professional sport’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Children, Youth, and Family Consortium Scholars Program (2014-2015). Amount: $23,000

Kihl, L. A. (Principal Investigator). Minnesota Twins rookie league and reviving baseball in inner cities (RBI) program: Evaluating the effectiveness of gaining inner city participation in baseball and softball. The Minnesota Twins, Minneapolis, MN ($30,000, 2008-2010)